Tech Packs

Tech Packs can have different names, like specs, but ultimately they’re a road map, enabling a manufacturer to create your garments. The predominant features are, a technically correct product sketch, along with all the information necessary to create a quality final product. This is one of the most important processes, allowing analysis of the design plus adding the finishing details that make a good design great. Once this is completed you are ready for sampling, then production. Approaching manufacturers, having your tech packs ready shows you mean business, helping to achieve accurate costings, and minimises errors. Most factories won’t work without a tech pack. Some people find this the boring part, but I am a bit of a geek. Read more about tech packs on my blog.

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Design Development

Building a brand or collection can be over whelming, you can have hundreds of inspiration images, and interesting ideas that need pulling together. I can help you streamline your product line and create well thought out garments that will fit together as a cohesive range. Presented in the form of coloured in, flat sketches. I always give multiple options for you to be able to pick your favourites and then make any adjustments required. You will always be in the driving seat of your own brand.

Fashion Graphic Design

As you can see from my portfolio page, I also offer graphic design services. I love coming up with fun T-shirt graphics or simple print designs. Researching concepts and wording is one of my favourite parts of designing. This includes embroidery designs. Want to make a statement? This is a great place to start.

Brand Consultancy

Building a cohesive vision is key to a successful brand, or new seasonal range. Are unsure about the best fabrics for the job, how to incorporate sustainability into your business and ways to finish off your final garments professionally? You might have designs ready and would like some constructive critiquing? A call with an experienced designer can help you on the way. Get in touch and we can arrange a call to talk through areas you need assistance.

Trend / Market Research

Trend and market research can be time consuming. I can put together an in depth review of what is selling in-store and online and present storyboards to assist the design process. This will help you make well informed decisions about what is currently happening and see where your products fit into the current market in an organised report.

Professional Photoshoot & Production

This is the really fun bit. Using my in house, experienced fashion photographer, as a team we are capable of organising and producing a professional photoshoot from start to finish. This can be the campaign photography, helping to launch new products with a bang or E-com style photography to show off your finished products. We are even able to go the extra mile and make engaging videos. Get in touch to see examples of past work and get a quote.


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Ready to make things happen?

Just send me an email and we can go from there. Head over to my contact page. I look forward to working with you.