Why You Need a Tech Pack – 101

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Wait, but first, what is a tech pack?

After finalising your line up of garments you want to develop a tech pack. This is the stepping stone, getting each garment ready for sampling. It provides all of the key information necessary to create a real life, fit for purpose garment including the technical flat sketch. I have spent years putting tech packs together for brands, a good tech pack can make a huge difference.

Minimises errors –

Fashion production is notorious for mistakes, even with a tech pack mistakes can be made, but by having a solid tech pack you are taking all the right precautions to allow for a smooth process with minimal curve balls. Having a professional standard tech pack will save you time and money in the long run by clearly communicating all the information up front, like an instruction manual for each garment.

Accurate costings –

With an accurate tech pack, you can get a more accurate price estimation. It is as simple as that. Informing your chosen factory of all the information they need to create a cost breakdown. This has a positive knock on effect helping you get all your finances organised and in order from the beginning.

Professional Edge –

When approaching a new manufacturer or building on an existing relationship, it is important to look professional. Approaching a factory ready with tech packs will make them take you seriously and potentially prioritise your work. It shows that you mean business and you know the correct way of working with your suppliers. It also shows organisation and attention to detail, commanding the same level of professionalism from everyone you work with.

Understanding sourcing –

Often multiple components go into making a garment, be that lining, fusing, buttons, threads, ties…the list goes on. Having the trims you need listed in one place will make sourcing more straight forward, understanding all the components you need from the beginning.

Higher quality Finish –

Employing someone like me to do your tech pack will ensure that the finishing details are up to a high standard, often those finishing details are what can set you apart from your competitors, so don’t underestimate the art of producing a quality garment and the ability to communicate the details.  

 Saves time and money –

Having a clear road map from the beginning helps minimise the number of samples needed before a garment is ready for production. Creating multiple samples can become costly. The first sample should only need a few minor tweaks if you have a professional tech pack, unless you change your mind about multiple details. We all know time is money, better samples means your product can be brought to market faster and you can start selling.

Industry standard & easily understood –

One thing you have to account for when working in international industries such as fashion, is potential culture and language barriers. These don’t have to be barriers. When you have a good tech pack it will make all details as clear as possible. This is why they are so important, not leaving anything to chance.

Have A Master -

Tech packs serve as a master documents to track product development including comments, revisions, and changes made through out the sampling process. Having a master to refer back to is invaluable and helps cover you if mistakes are made during production.  

I could go on, but lets keep things as succinct as possible. I hope this helps you learn a bit about the process.

Lottie xx

Two things you need to get started:


Inspiration -

What gets your heart racing and your eyes bulging? Start collecting images that you love, they don’t just have to be of garments you like, it can be films you love, celebrities you admire. Anything thats generate a mood. Collect colour palette inspiration, fabrics you found, maybe you are inspired by some old family photos. All are great places to start.

Immerse yourself with things that are personal to you to influence your brands design aesthetic.

All of this information will help you reach a fully realised brand identity and clothing to match. making you stand out from the crowd.

Plus it really helps us designers better understand your vision and get just as excited to work on your ideas.


Who’s Your Customer? -

Get to know your target customer – like inside out.

Ask questions and know the answers - How old are they, where do they shop, what do they do for fun, how often do they buy, what’s their favourite playlist?

You get the gist, get to know them like you would a friend. Empathise with their struggles. Immerse yourself in their daily lives. Know what is important to them. What do they need?

Really pin this down, as knowing them well will influence every decision you make.

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